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Diary of a Small Island Girl Volume 1-3 Special Edition



Throughout history, women have shared their wisdom through personal stories told to their daughters, granddaughters, and anyone who sought their guidance. Stories of victories and losses, triumphs and struggles, love and hate.

Diary of a Small Island Girl (Vol 1-3) is a special edition combining the volumes self-published under the first 3 books. It also includes some new and updated entries.

Women and girls looking for a dose of encouragement and motivation will find solace in this empowering anthology. The book is filled with the Poet’s authentic stories of love, loss, mental health struggles, self-healing, and courage.  King bares her soul in her diary entries filled with raw and intense emotions.   

Ask any writer about their work and they will share that writing is a form of therapy. For King, it is no different. She describes the poems in her anthology as her personal therapy that helped her grow stronger and wiser.  But she didn’t want to keep this form of therapy to herself.

Now, Trisha is a coach, mentor and soon to be mother, whose passion is helping others. This is why she's sharing her personal journey. As you follow Trisha's struggles and her personal growth, you'll start seeing your own life in a different light - seeing solutions where you only saw problems and seeing strength where you saw darkness and defeat.



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