I am the writer and author of the Diary of a Small Island Girl book series and daily posts on Facebook and Instagram.

I grew up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados and moved to the UK in 2007. Whilst living in England I faced many early challenges including sexism, bullying, harassment and depression. All this, whilst trying to work out who I was and what I stood for, led to the birth of Small Island Girl. My coping mechanism? Perhaps.

Small Island Girl was officially birthed on 1st September 2016. It was the pseudonym I used to share and explore my thoughts with the world through written word.

For me, Small Island Girl represents a feeling of being small and occasionally lost in this vast world but at the same time, having a deep sense of knowing that I am more than capable and more than enough. It is a reminder, when faced with obstacles, that I come from a long line of strength and resilience. It also serves as an important reminder and reconnection to my inner child; that little girl who passionately believed that she could do and achieve, absolutely anything.

Thank you for your attention and your support.

Trisha x